Who’s Talking in My Head?

puzzle girlI re-listened  to a THEO radio broadcast not long ago about “The Ego” (first aired 5/31/11).  For those of you who haven’t “met” THEO, THEO is a group of 12 archangels who have spoken as one voice through medium Sheila Gillette for 44 years to help us navigate through this time of great change.

The broadcast brought to mind one of my own personal dilemmas over the past couple of years.  When I sit quietly and ask for guidance about a particular issue, I usually get some sort of answer.

But who or what is it from?  My higher self?  My angels?  God?  Or my ego, telling me what I want to be true?  Rarely do I feel I can trust what I “hear” so I remain confused.

Fortunately, I’m not alone in this—proven by a caller who asked THEO the same thing.  When confused about a situation, how do you distinguish intuition from ego?

THEO’s answer was basically this:  that the ego is a part of the confusion because the conscious mind wants to remain in control and not give it up to the soul.  Confusion can actually be a good thing, because it makes you uncomfortable enough to seek an answer and to become aware. So you might not get clear at first, but keep asking over time.  It is a process, not instantaneous.

Anyway, THEO also said that if you work through the process, at some point you will realize that you’ve changed–you no longer react in the same way to the same sort of circumstance.  The changes may have been subtle, but have indeed occurred.  Out of confusion has come order.

Listen to your body as well, THEO said, when trying to figure out if something is coming from the soul or from the mind.  What feels good or bad?  I know that when something feels wrong to me or I’m fearful, I feel it in my lower abdomen—a tight knot or even queasiness.  Others might feel it elsewhere, such as a tightening of the chest or in the throat.

But when something feels right, I just feel plain good inside—almost a lightness and sense of relief.  That’s when I’m sure I’m being guided.

Sometimes a thought comes into my head and I immediately react to it with tears.  Then I know I’ve hit the nail on the head with a wrong belief, and that my angels have been the catalyst in revealing this.  Strong emotions are the soul’s way of guiding us, or so I’m told.  THEO has a process called Soul Integration© for healing these “orphan” soul splinters, but that’s a topic for another day.

But, of course, it’s usually not that simple, and I often remain confused.  I’m a work in progress, and I’ve got a heck of a long haul ahead!

Fortunately, I’m now plugged into this group of archangels to tell me what’s what.  Life is good!

P.S.  THEO is by far and away my favorite source of soul food.  If you haven’t heard THEO yet, I suggest you go to www.asktheo.com  and sign up for the free newsletter.  What you’ll get in return is access to a THEO audio on “The Big Questions” and a meditation on intention—both wonderful resources for getting acquainted with this magnificent angelic entity. You’ll be hearing a lot about THEO’s teachings through this blog.  I am currently taking the Thrive course with THEO, and it has been a fantastic experience.  More on that later.

P.S.S.  I learned about THEO from listening to the Healing with the Masters teleseminar series—another top resource for transformation.  The fall lineup is just getting started.  Check it out on Teleseminars on this site, and click on the link to Jennifer McLean for some more insights.


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    • I appreciate your comments! Thank you so much. I’ve been on hiatus with this site for a while, but hope to get back up and running soon. Good to have your encouragement!

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