What on Earth Is Going on?

Life on Earth is not what it used to be.

Our global economic structure is collapsing.

World politics are changing.  People are standing up to tyranny and demanding a voice.  And although thousands have been crushed in the process, they are being seen and heard around the world through the miracle of the Internet  and social media.  No longer can dictators hide their brutality; no longer can they suppress the truth.

More and more corporate and banking fraud is coming to light around the world.

Catastrophic weather and earth changes are increasing in intensity and frequency.

People are engaging in random slaughter; witness the recent theater massacre in Colorado and the Sikh temple massacre in Wisconsin as simply the latest tragic shooting sprees in a string of many.

Can you even stand to watch the local news, composed primarily of its daily arsenal of stories about murder, fire, destruction, and pain?

Sometimes it feels like we’re all on an express train to hell.

Yet, for the most part, we wake up in the morning, do our usual routines, and live our lives as just one more day, day after day, oblivious to the chaos in the world.

And supposedly we are on the threshold of a new golden age, with more and more people “waking up” each day.  Really?  Some days this “global rise in consciousness” feels surreal, like we’re brainwashing ourselves.  I sure don’t see it in my neighborhood.

Yet for any renewal to begin, the old must be swept away to make room for the new. Leaves fall from the tree; the tree is barren for a brief while, and then explodes into magnificence as spring appears.  Change happens in its own right time.

What, indeed, is the real world here?  Are we truly “awakening” on a grand scale? Is the Earth going through a massive cleansing at every level—physically, economically, and politically—because we are entering a new age of consciousness?

Has the influx of energy now surrounding the planet made some people incredibly courageous and others incredibly nuts?  Is the scum of the Earth rising into the light of awareness so it can be swept away once and for all?

Are prophecies about 2012 as the end of the world as we know it actually coming to pass?  Change is afoot.  But what does it mean?

A few months ago I wrote a report about some of the viewpoints surrounding 2012 (you can download it from this site–see the top right corner of this page).  Theories range from total global destruction resulting from a magnetic pole reversal to ascension into a new dimension of consciousness.  According to THEO, a group of 12 Archangels channeled through Sheila Gillette, the energy surrounding the planet is at a higher vibration than it has ever been—even more so than during the time of Christ.

One solid fact about 2012 stood out to me, and it indeed does make 2012 a unique year in the history of mankind.

We are alive and kicking during the shift of the ages.  How cool is that?

For the first time in human history, two major astronomical cycles are converging:  the end of a 5,125 cycle, called a world age (based on the Earth’s position in orbit); and the end of a 26,000 year cycle, which is how long it takes the Earth to travel through all 12 constellations. At the end of the latter cycle, the sun and Earth will move into alignment with the core of the Milky Way galaxy.  Although the entire process happens over the course of a few years, the high point is purported to happen on December 21, 2012.

More information is in my 2012 report, but suffice it to say, convergence of these cycles is not business as usual.  And life as it is occurring today is not business as usual either.

But again, what does it mean?  And why did we choose to be here at this momentous time?  Because in the metaphysical world, we have been told over and over again that those living now have specifically chosen to be here—despite the travails many have experienced through personal hardships and natural disasters—so we each can play our part in the unfolding of the new world.

In upcoming blogs, I will highlight new ideas and resources on this subject as I come across them.  In the meantime, please visit our Forum and share your ideas, concerns, and beliefs.  I’d love to get a conversation going here!
















  1. This is an excellent article . I enjoyed reading it and am likely to reread it again soon so I can revisit some of the points that I want to consider.

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