What on Earth Is Going On-Part 3: Passage and Split

A couple of months ago I read an ebook called The Gospel of 2012.  The book is based on information transmitted this year to herbalist and author Greg Caton during botanically-induced hallucinatory vision quests.

I found the book too weird and a bit too disturbing to write about at the time, and was frankly bothered by the fact that he was drinking shamanic brews to access a higher state of consciousness.  Call me old fashioned.

But recently I’ve been feeling some inner nudges to pass on what I’ve read and let you decide for yourself.  I have to admit, it may be weird but it’s also fascinating!  After all, this is a metaphysical website, and his book is about as “out there” as it gets.   So consider me a messenger of the messenger.

Mr. Caton has been doing spiritual vision quests in Equador since 2006. They are inter-dimensional journeys during which he communicates with angelic and higher intelligences.

The first time that 2012 “end times” ever came up was just last November, right out of the blue.  All of his journeys since then have added a piece to the puzzle of 2012, and he was guided to write a book about them.  He says that “Everyone who reads this book needs to know that I have taken great care to relegate my own position to little more than messenger, transcriber, and organizer.”

Mr. Caton states in the beginning that you have to read the book with your own divine guidance to determine for yourself whether it’s true or not.  He admits that he himself finds much of it hard to believe, and remains skeptical.

Interestingly, he provides a chapter called “Nexus Points,” in which some of his visions are corroborated by the visions or channeling of others.  Also, during his “trips,” he was accompanied by his wife and his editor, who also asked questions based on the information that was coming through him.

This doesn’t make it true; it simply adds a very thin layer of credibility.

So here goes.  I’m going to put the most significant revelations in bullets.  Excerpts from the book are in pink.

  2012 is indeed a time of global transformation and change in consciousness.  It is being facilitated by the unprecedented astrological events and vibrational frequencies occurring at the end of the year (download my free 2012 report for more info on this).

  By the end of 2012, probably after December 21, the Earth will experience three days of absolute darkness (no electricity or starlight, folks), which he calls the “passage.”

“THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I HAVE EVER TOLD YOU: What happens at the end of this year is a lifting of the veil. Every person on this planet is enlightened (even if they don’t know it). …  At the end of this year, we’ll have this sense . . . ‘it’s so simple’.  Enlightenment is the state of greatest simplicity. There is nothing more basic to our nature. What happens is that God is going to allow us to have it. Enough. It has reached (the end) point. People who (have a) complete absence of God. That’s what this world feels like, complete absence of God. Every one of us is a manifestation of Source. But, despite that, those who do not accept are not going. You can accept or not. You must choose the Light; It will not force Itself upon you.”

  During the passage, if we are prepared emotionally and spiritually, we  will experience a very fast review of all our past and future lives from the time of Creation, in addition to everything that has happened collectively to humanity.  If we willfully remember it, it will be fascinating and wonderful.

  He uses the metaphor of a football game.  Those who know the rules and objectives of the game will have a vastly different experience in watching it than those who have no idea what is going on. The ebook is like a playbook:  what will happen and how to prepare for it.  The passage enables personal transformation.

  God wants us to understand the meaning of Creation, and why he let it deteriorate to what it is today.  How could we experience the light if we had not experienced the darkness? He wants us to “come home.”

  However, if we are not prepared or do not try to remember what we’ve experienced, we’ll lose this opportunity for immense soul growth.  We will be extremely confused by the experience (some may go insane).  There will be gradations of quality of experience while going through the passage.

  Preparation involves not only knowing that this is coming, but opening our hearts up to receive it as a gift from God.  After the passage, all parts of our souls, fragmented into parallel universes, will come together as one, and we’ll have complete understanding.

  There are evil entities existing in the non-physical planes that feed off our negative thoughts.  Dark forces on Earth get their power from these entities; they feed off each other.

  These dark forces, whose bloodlines span centuries, have continually wielded immense power and control. They have subjugated and perverted the great religions to control the masses and keep the elite in power.

“Evil has no power of its own. The Creator has allowed dark forces to operate as a necessary means to fulfill His Plan.  Every grand act of goodness has its evil twin — the cooptation of the Light for selfish ends, for the dark possesses no Light of its own. You can clearly see this in the history of your world religions. How much is organized Christianity a perversion of the true teachings of Jesus Christ? . . . Modern Islam, (is) a perversion of the original messages from the Archangel Gabriel? How far have the various branches of Buddhism gone to distort the original teachings of Buddha Gautama? You can clearly see this in the affairs of state.  How far have government policies in the country of your birth (U.S.) descended to pervert the intentions of its Constitutional framers?”
“Therefore, as it relates to the Singularity, you should expect to see an Anti-Singularity, a grand act of co-optation which mimics the great Return, but is an enormous perversion of it. Can you not see this now? How else would you characterize your One World Order — a vision of unity that binds all the nations of earth under one central authority with one global currency, all arising not out of love or compassion for Humanity, but an insatiable hunger to unite all Mankind under an irrepressible system of global slavery and exploitation.”

  The bad guys are very aware that the passage is coming, and are doing everything they can to keep that knowledge from the masses and to wreak havoc on Earth to counter the rise in divine consciousness. That is one reason why so much evil and corruption is surfacing.  Evil, however, will not survive the passage.

  Sometime after the passage, the Earth will split in two, similar to cell mitosis.  This will happen in stages.

From www.gospel2012.com

  The old Earth will be for those who choose to hold onto their power and old ways.  This Earth will be Godless, soul-less, polluted, wracked by war and natural catastrophes, and populated by evil.  In Mr. Caton’s vision, it appeared gray and lifeless.  It will no longer be supported in any way by God.

  The new Earth will be like the Garden of Eden, full of vibrancy, life, color, and love. Only those who choose it freely—who choose to be with the Divine—will be part of this Earth.  Some remnants of old systems, technologies, and even illness will remain, but people will work collectively to clean it up.  The people here will very conscious, and life will be utterly unlike what it is on Earth today.

  The new Earth will be one of singularity, oneness, and unity—no separation.  We will become enlightened before and during the passage.  It’s really very simple; we’ve only made it complicated.

  God wants us to make an effort to get there, and in that way fill the void in our lives with his love.  That’s why it’s not just being handed to us.

“‘Think of the flow of spiritual evolution as a river. Through the (flow of) rain, it receives its very essence from the sea, to which it returns. So does all of Creation flow through myriad twists and turns, only to return to Me, the Source. In contrary fashion, the activities of the dark forces act as a dam that has been erected for its own purposes. For a while the dam will prevent the flow of the water from proceeding . . . but only for a time. If the dam continues to prevent the flow of evolution from proceeding, the (ever-accumulating) water will find a way over or around the dam.’
“So have the dark forces on Earth acted to inhibit not only the spiritual evolution of Humanity, but because of this tender planet’s central role in Creation, all other life forms, as well. Enough. In their ignorance, they themselves are initiating the ‘Split’ so the waters may return to Source. ‘So that those who are ready for my Divine Love may return to Me . . . In my Infinite Mercy I could forgive the enormity of their transgressions, but I will not force My Grace upon a single soul. However great the gift, the receiver must be willing to receive. And so . . . if it is hell that they wish, than it is hell I shall allow them to experience.’”

  In other words, we have the choice between heaven and hell, or consciousness and unconsciousness.  At least, that’s how I read it.  He writes as if all this will physically happen; yet he admits later that it could be a metaphor.  The latter makes more sense to me.

  And here’s the REALLY disturbing part. Only a relative few will make it over to the good side, according to Archangels Raphael, Michael, and Uriel.  And the ones on the bad Earth will have to repeat the cycle of reincarnation for tens of thousands of years—sort of like going from high school back to kindergarten.

Here’s where my left brain immediately kicks in with questions.

During this passage, what happens to little kids and invalids who can’t take care of themselves for three days while their caretakers are in a stupor?  Will children experience this passage at a soul level?  In other words, what’s going to happen to my one-year-old grandson?

What happens if we are on the subway or driving in a car when darkness descends?  Or somewhere equally inconvenient or dangerous?  How about bodily functions?  Do we still need to eat?  Sleep?  Go to the bathroom?

What about people who never get this information, and who will no doubt be dazed and confused as well as unprepared?  Will they have to remain with the evil ones on the soul-less Earth?

When darkness blankets the Earth, will chaos break out?  Or will we all be in a state of suspended animation?

I admit that the part about seeing and understanding our individual and collective past, present, and future from the beginning of Creation sounds utterly exciting.  Living in a resurrected Garden of Eden sounds pretty cool, too.  But the rest of it scares the hell (literally!) out of me.

A lot of it sounds like a variation of the Christian rapture concept, where “saved” Christians will ascend in their bodies into Heaven as Jesus returns to Earth for a reign of peace for a thousand years.  Mr. Caton’s version, however, doesn’t include the return of any ascended master, and the Gospel of 2012 does not apply to any particular religion—just humanity in general.

It also doesn’t jive with other sources who say that we are headed for a mass awakening, and EVERYONE will become conscious at some point in their soul’s evolution, albeit at differing times.

If you find this at all intriguing, please go to www.gospel2012.com, “the end of faith and the beginning of knowingness,” and download the free ebook.  It’s short and well worth the read.  The excerpts cited above come directly from his messages.  But Mr. Caton’s narrative is well written and easy to read.

I’ve only touched on the major points:  there’s a lot of stuff in this book and it’s, well, really interesting.  You can also join the site for a monthly fee and get access to the audios of his vision quests as well as updates to the information.  I haven’t done this, so can’t speak personally as to whether it’s worthwhile.

The bottom line of this post?  I don’t know what, if anything, is going to happen.  Nobody does, really, although many seem to think they do.  But if all of a sudden the world goes dark, now you’ll know why and hopefully will take advantage of the opportunity it affords.  And if it doesn’t, you’ll know this was just another nutty 2012 theory!

And a new note altogether:  A friend just sent me a link to a YouTube message about the transformation of Earth into a 4-D planet, with a description that sounds surprisingly like the “new Earth” referenced above.  Curiouser and curiouser!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcGv_3-fmyo&Feature=vmdshb.













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