What is a Spiritual Practice?

Something that comes up time and again on this website is spirituality.  This is a word that has made me nervous in the past because I’ve associated it with religion. Although any organized religion for any culture can be a wonderful support and pathway to God, it can also be rife with intolerance, sometimes nutty interpretations, and need to control others.  This site is NOT about religion. 

But spirituality, according to definition, is really more about the spirit within us, that intangible, unseen force that connects to our soul, and ultimately to God.  I’m a big fan of God—just not some of the man-made interpretations surrounding God.  If you want to read a great book, by the way, read Conversations with God, Part I.  Just a suggestion.

But I digress.  

Having a spiritual practice nurtures your inner spirit.  It’s sort of like having a nourishing meal, but instead of feeding your body, you’re feeding your soul.  And that is vital to having a healthy relationship to yourself.  

Transformational coach Mary Morrissey, who sends out a daily motivational message to her subscribers, said it well:  “There is great power in a daily practice that brings us to a higher level of thinking and being. A good daily practice will change the trajectory of our day, creating powerful results in our relationships, our work and our lives.” (April 1, 2012) 

Such a practice can be anything that helps you connect within, as long as it is consistent.  It can be meditation—whether five minutes or an hour—at a time of day when you can find some peace and quiet.  It can be reading or listening to something uplifting.  It can be writing your innermost thoughts in a journal.  It can be soaking in a hot tub while going inward.  Whatever it is, it should make you feel peaceful inside, and be something meaningful you do for yourself. 

So I’ll share a bit about what I do consistently.  My practice is to write in a journal every morning as soon as I get up.  Sometimes I have an “agenda” that I write about—something bothering me that I need to vent about or an issue I need to explore—or sometimes it’s just stream of consciousness.  It’s like doing a big mental and emotional dump on paper, and cleaning out the crap (sorry!) so the good can flow in.  I got into this practice through my Artist Way experience.  You can read about that under the Introduction to Creations section of this site.  After the journal, I either read a couple of pages of A Course in Miracles, or I work on an Artist Way assignment.  This is pretty much my routine first thing in the morning.  I have the luxury of time with this as I no longer have a job to commute to.  It might not work for you. 

Other things I do on a regular basis, but don’t really consider my “official” spiritual practice, are listening to spiritually related or motivational interviews or programs on my iPod when I go for walks. I love to go to the gazebo overlooking a pond near my house and reflect on whatever floats my boat that day.  I read novels and metaphysical books.  I take an art class.  I meditate, although not as consistently as I’d like. These are the “inward” things that interest me most at this stage of my life. 

And such is the basis for this website, so I can share what I learn.  Can you share in our community forum what your practices are—how you connect to the spirit within?


  1. Hello! Someone in my Myspace group shared this website with us so I came to check it out.
    I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Fantastic blog and amazing design and style.

  2. dorothy says:

    I start my day by writing a 3 page letter to God. Originally after reading the Artist’s Way I just wrote 3 pages in my journal. A few years ago a friend suggested I write a 3 page letter to God. This helps to keep me centered and reminds me of where to turn with my concerns. Rather than just unloading them on paper I ask for his guidance. He gets the God sized jobs and I keep my focus on the things that are mine to handle.

  3. I love the quiet of the early morning. As I sit on the front porch and have my coffee and watch the birds on the bird feeder.

    I like to speak to God at that time, and list my gratitudes for all sorts of little and big things and lists the folks in my life that are going through a difficult time. I ask Him to assist me in seeing them as He sees them , so that I am not concentrated on their ills. I do better some days than others…

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