One of the best and fastest ways to learn from spiritual masters is to sign up for free teleseminars that feature experts in a variety of fields.

This method of marketing has exploded over the past couple of years.  A new teleseminar is born practically every minute, featuring lineups of speakers specializing in metaphysics, spiritual entrepreneurship, prosperity…you name it.  They are spiritually based, and offer up a wealth of information.  Some teleseminar hosts run a new series two or more times a year.  Read More

Teleseminars Currently Underway or Coming Up Soon:

Please check the websites provided for the speaker lineups and schedules. Series that are underway can be purchased if you want to listen to the speakers who have already aired but the free replay period has passed.  Teleseminars often re-run interviews and extend the end date for replays.

The  teleseminars are in reverse chronological order—the latest is on top.  I am including teleseminars based on their stated purpose and/or their speaker list.   *Please note that I am an affiliate of some of these series, which helps support this website.


On Becoming Fearless, with Host Arianna Huffington

Begins March 31, daily meditationsAriana Huffington

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This is not a teleseminar, but a daily meditation led by Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of the Huffington Post, to help people master their fears.

From the website:  “We’ll begin each day with several relevant insights from my book, ‘On Becoming Fearless in Love, Work and Life,’ followed by several minutes of quiet meditation for absorbing and contemplating the concepts.  And we’ll send with a powerful thought for you to focus on throughout the day.

“Through it all, we’ll be reflecting on a single, powerful truth: that fearlessness is not the absence of fear, but the mastery of fear. We will never completely eliminate fear from our lives, but we can definitely get to the point where our fears do not stop us from daring to think new thoughts, try new things, take risks, fail, start again, and be happy.”

The World Intuition Summit, with Hosts Harrison Klein, John Assaraf, and Megan Losey

Begins March 17; 50 speakersHarrisonKlein

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This teleseminar combines psychic intuition with consciousness, and sounds like it will be different from the usual teleseminar series.

From the website:  “The World’s FIRST-EVER Fusion Of Consciousness, Psychic Intuitive Abilities, And Evidence-Based Research…

“There is no difference in the energy that helps access psychic powers versus the powers you can achieve with a higher state of human consciousness.  The only difference is the language that separates them. The strategies and principles that show you how to access and generate abilities very few people on Earth have the privilege of knowing and exploring.

“That’s why my new mission is to help synchronize these two amazing abilities together by bringing you THE most highly recognized and respected leaders in each of these fields.  You’ll gain access to unique, powerful information and strategies never revealed before to the public… because nobody has ever fused these two aspects of human energy before.”

Healing with the Masters, with Host Jennifer McLean

Begins in March; 28 speakers.  You get access every Tuesday and Thursday after you register (calls have been pre-recorded) so no dates are provided.Jennifer McLean2

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This is the series I always buy to listen to on my iPod as I take my walk.  You can always count on Jennifer to bring on great speakers, but what’s also important is that she really adds to the conversation herself by asking insightful questions and maintaining an interesting dialogue.  That is not a talent held by many of the current teleseminar hosts, I’m sorry to say.  As she has a following of hundreds of thousands of people in 250 countries, suffice it to say I’m not alone in this opinion!

From the site:  “We have created for you a set of transformational FREE workshops that will allow you to interact with THE world’s leading transformational teachers, healers and masters to guide you into not only managing the seemingly increasing life challenges, but move into a state of being in grace and ease no matter what shows up.”

You Wealth Revolution Network, with Host Darius Barazandeh

Begins February 24; this series lasts for months, with replays and Q&As.Darius Barazandeh

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According to the website, this is the world’s largest energy transformation circle.  Its mission is lofty:

“Our Mission: To Awaken 1 Billion People Across the Planet
Create 1,000,000 Healers, Teachers and Messengers
Save 100,000 or More Lives”

Darius always has a great lineup of speakers from all areas of metaphysics and spirituality, energy healing, and personal empowerment, and usually holds special Q&A sessions with opportunities for listeners to connect with the speakers in addition to opening up each show to emailed questions.  The website is extremely hyped up and pretty annoying, but the speakers are worth wading through it.


The Winter of Wellness, with Shift Network Host Stephen Dinan

Begins January 27; 40 speakersStephen Dinan

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From the website:  “With the Winter of Wellness series, you’ll learn from experts who will help you uncover the secrets for creating optimum, full spectrum health and wellness. You’ll discover insights and practices that will Awaken, Inform, Uplift and Inspire YOU to step into the highest and BEST expression of your true nature.”  Covers topics in body, mind, heart, and soul.

From Heartache to Joy, with Host Eram Saeed

Begins January 28; 31 speakers

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From the website:  “When you enroll in this free global tele-summit, you will find yourself quickly + easily…   blowing away the ‘unbreakable’ walls that barricade you from living the life you’re envisioning;  shifting your dominant frequency from emotional pain to abundance, prosperity and joy; experiencing the Law of Immersion which ‘locks in’ your newly discovered vibrational reality; and finally realize how to fill-in what you’re missing when Law of Attraction Masters divulge how they manifest your greatest desires.”

The Science of Unlimited Possibilities, with Hosts from The I AM Group

Begins January 19; 30 expertsHarrisonKlein

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From the website:  Discover the MOST powerful techniques that 30 of the worlds greatest spiritual science leaders have perfected … THIS TELESUMMIT IS DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER YOU’VE EVER ATTENDED!  The cutting-edge concepts are fresh and new… and based on science, so you can effortlessly integrate them into your life!  And we’ve classified our spiritual leaders by their scientific discipline of excellence… Quantum Science, Brain Science, and Quantum Context.”

Awaken to Happiness Now, with Host Shefali Burns

Begins January 2; 44 speakersShefali Burns

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From the website:  “Our mission is to awaken happiness in all of humanity. We deserve to be happy today and every day. As you awaken to happiness now, you radiate this happiness to others. Let’s change the energy of this planet together and move from fear and lack to love and abundance, from sickness and pain to health and vitality, from despair and suffering to joy and happiness. Transform your life, transform your world.  We have brought together 44+ World Renowned Experts, Transformational Speakers and Teachers who are eager to share their secrets, wisdom and teachings. Their powerful strategies, tools, clearings, and processes can completely shift your life to enable you to live the life of your dreams and access your happiness.”