Choose Your Path

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By  Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

When something “bad” happens, do you see it as a gift or react with resentment and resistance?

Here’s a true story to help you with your answer…

Picture this.

My friend Joan is running through the airport. Her friend, Ambika is right beside her. Their luggage is practically flying off its wheels, and by the time they get to the flight counter their plane is already taxing downthe runway.

Ambika is now frantic that they’ve missed their flight. In fact, she becomes very upset that Joan is not taking this “major problem” serious enough. — Her victim-mode mentality takes on such an automatic reaction that her illusive belief that ‘bad things always happen to me,’ completely fills the room.

She’s clearly using this event as more evidence to support her disempowering beliefs.

In the meantime, Joan looks at things from a completely different perspective. She understands that she is not responsible for how Ambika feels. She is merely responsible for how she, herself, feels.

Joan chooses instead to remain neutral. She sends her friend Ambika loving thoughts with positive intentions full of personable patience and understanding.

She also looks for humor in the situation which keeps her stay upbeat.

After learning their flight won’t be leaving for 8 more hours, Joan witnesses Ambika start to cry. Her inner-child is having a fit. But, Joan remains calm.

She turns to the lady behind the counter and begins to beam. With a big sweet smile she says, “How wonderful!”

Ambika cannot believe what she hears. She stands there stubbornly. Yet Joan remains upbeat.

“This is a very magical moment,” Joan continues. “We can now explore this beautiful city and go out and play for awhile.”

And after a bit of convincing, they both did just that! They had the time of their lives and all because Joan chose to see the delay as a gift.

Are you like Joan? Do you see every incident as an opportunity? Do you choose to see the “negative” as a chance to pause and reevaluate?

Are you more like Ambika? Always getting pulled down in past negative beliefs?

Sit with it for a moment if you will…


Enjoy the Experience
come what may 😉