Membership Sites

A number of online membership sites that offer valuable services, transformational resources, and interactive connections are springing up among spiritually based practitioners.  Some of them provide general information on a public website, but if you want to dig deeper and get access to special services or downloads, you pay a monthly fee to become a member of a password-protected site.  Fees vary among sites, based on what is being offered.  Depending on your needs, membership sites can be a very cost-effective way to get group coaching at a fraction of the price for individual coaching.

I have experienced the sites below first-hand, and will continue to add more as I learn of them.  If you’re a member of any of these or other sites, please give us your opinion!

Abundance Alive

with Mary A. Hall

I first “met” Mary A. Hall through Jennifer McLean’s Healing with the Masters teleseminar.  Mary is also a regular contributor on Jennifer’s Masterworks Healing membership site.  The main thing that comes across with Mary is an overwhelming sense of kindness and compassion.  She is the real deal.  I wouldn’t say she’s a psychic, but she does have strong spiritually intuitive gifts that seem to cut through a person’s energy field and see her as she really is; her loving guidance, support, and inspiration help clear blocks and negative thinking.

Anyway, Mary’s interactive membership site offers a wealth of resources that were developed as part of her coaching programs.  She has several proprietary healing modalities that are used in these programs and you have access of all of them through membership.  The site includes current live programs as well as downloadable recordings of archived ones. One of the intensive programs I went through “live” as a member was the 30 Day Challenge to an Abundant Life, which is now archived on the site.  It included 30 days of phone calls with Mary, during which she went over key concepts, assigned homework, and then invited those listening to call in, ask questions, and share their experiences and breakthroughs resulting from the program. Replays were available by the next day if you couldn’t make a call.

Site membership includes a great blog; an “Ask Mary” feature where you can send questions or share stories and insights that she’ll address via her blog or in a live call; all coaching programs as indicated above; and live calls with Mary and her personally trainedSupport Circle.  Members of theSupport Circlealso offer discounted services to members.  Check out the site for a more thorough description.

Astro Currents Monthly, “An Astrological Guide to Navigating Your Life

with Elizabeth Jones

This is a great site if you’re into astrology, or even if you aren’t so much into it yourself, but believe it affects your life and want some insights.  Elizabeth Jones—who started studying spiritual astrology in 1964 under the mentorship of her grandfather—gives great value for the monthly fee, with an in-depth (about 90 minutes) audio overview of each month with breakdowns by weeks and even days.  She tells you what the planets are doing and how you can expect them to affect you.

It’s not mumbo-jumbo, over-your-head kind of info that doesn’t make any sense to one who hasn’t studied astrology and hasn’t a clue as to what it’s all about (like me), but practical guidance that enables you to plan your life with astrological influences in mind.  If you’re feeling out of sorts, or perhaps unusually energetic and motivated, her assessment of planetary influences may help you understand why.  If you are planning to sign an important contract, for example, check out the monthly overview and find out the most advantageous days to do it.  She also provides a transcript in pdf form, depending on your membership level (several options are available).   Audios and transcripts can be downloaded to your computer, and she sends an email to let you know when they are ready for download.

This is NOT a horoscope site.  The information Elizabeth provides applies to everyone, as we all are affected by the natural rhythms of the universe.  In her words, “Think of Astrology as an ancient language which can provide you with a map to the landscape for our times and personally, for your life. You just need an interpreter! And this is what I do on Astro Currents each month.”

By the way, Elizabeth Jones is a regular contributor to the MasterWorks Healing site and has been featured on the Healing with the Masters teleseminar.

The BraveHeart Women Global Community

with Dr. Ellie Drake

Mission:  To connect the Women of the world together in order to receive & give Inspiration in the areas of Self-Esteem, Empowerment, Purpose, Passion and Personal Prosperity while enhancing the world by being Brave Women who live from the Heart.

Well, BraveHeart Women’s mission statement describes them better than I ever could.  This is an online social networking community of women that is purpose-driven and offers a number of resources to help women succeed in life as their authentic selves.  According to its founder and leader, Dr. Ellie Drake, the site already has a membership of more than 100,000 women worldwide, and is growing rapidly.  You can join the main site for free, and gain access to discussion forums; BraveHeart TV, which is a daily 10-minute video clip of a panel and guest discussing a specific issue; blogs submitted by members; photo albums; and more.  Post your profile and connect with others.

The real meat of the site comes with paid membership in the Core Inner Circle, geared more toward professional women and entrepreneurs, where you have access to training videos by experts in various areas of interest, mastermind groups, communities formed by its members for women of like minds, monthly mailings, discounts on live events, and more.  There seem to be a lot of high-profile women associated with this site.

This is definitely worth checking out, particularly if you are seeking to expand your professional horizons in a heart-based way.  Start with free membership and explore the site; watch the BraveHeart TV clips; and see if you want more.  If so, you can join theCore Inner Circleon a month-to-month basis and see how that works out without an annual commitment.  I have not joined this yet, but plan to at some point.  It seems like you get a lot of value for the monthly fee.

I especially like this statement from the site:  “Women coming together in the right way can change the world for the better. Social networking for women with purpose and passion is just one way to change the world sooner rather than later.”

Conscious Media Network, with Regina and Scott Meredith

Vision and Mission: To have the largest and most respected multi-media library of imperative and inspiring information serving the global conscious community. To educate the global community with crucial information that will develop empowered and responsible individuals.

I heard about this network through Ask THEO Live Radio. This is another fantastic resource, extremely well done, offering a variety of information and interviews with experts through multi-media. Video seems to be the predominant method of delivering information. Much info is available for free; a daily video interview retrieved from archives, a fantastic blog, video blog (Fifth Element), book reviews, movie trailers, and more.

As of the end of July 2012, they are changing their format to include eight new interviews with experts conducted each month, which will be added to the archives. You have to be a member to hear them upfront.  Membership access is changing in July also; the videos will be shown through a partnership with, and you have to be a member of that site to view them.  Current members of CMN will have to transfer their subscriptions over.  Through membership, you’ll also receive access to all Gaiam videos in a much broader arena.  As far as I can tell, the CMN site will still be up with its other content, which includes articles, blogs, book reviews, and more.

The monthly subscription will buy you complete access to the hundreds of current and archived video interviews on a range of subjects, as well as transcripts. One thing I really appreciate is a free three-day trial subscription so you can completely check it out to see if it’s right for you.  (I’m not sure this will still be available after the changeover, however.)

To give a couple of examples from the show, I listened to a Fifth Element video withReginaon Truth, and it was really, really good. She is a former professional newscaster and documentary producer, and her expertise shows. But more than that, what she had to say really hit home. Fifth Element blogs for January-December 2010 are posted and you can listen without subscribing. I also listened to an interview conducted by Scott with an author who wrote about his experiences as a member of a secret hit squad with the British military in the 1950’s that fought the Illuminati; he apparently witnessed giant UFOs and some other very strange things. Bizarre, but quite interesting!

I strongly recommend you look at this website for yourself.  The quality of information and presentation are outstanding.

The Global Coherence Initiative

Mission: The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

This is a free membership site.  I recently joined it and participated in a worldwide session where members came together online for a coherence group meditation (for want of a better term), in which our intentions were focused healing world trouble spots, like Syria.  It was a minimal effort on my part, but made me feel like I was contributing in a small way to something great.  I don’t yet have other experience to relate, but I’ve heard one of its principals from the Heart-Math Institute speak and I really like what they’re all about. The core of it, if I understand it correctly, is that our hearts give off electromagnetic energy—far more than our brains.  This energy affects the earth, and is actually measurable by satellites.  Indeed, after the 9/11 attacks hit the news, satellites recorded a big increase in the earth’s electromagnetic fields, caused by the huge surge of emotion.  Fascinating stuff.

Here’s what a presentation on the website says:  “Sixteen years researching heart-brain communication validated the central role of the human heart in building coherence, transforming stress, and setting forth the chain reaction of well being….so vital to health and human development.  And now we embark on a new mission.

“A science-based initiative to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention—to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation, and enduring peace.  We are deploying a global network of sensors to detect changes in the Earth’s magnetic fields…changes that reflect collective human emotion, either positive or negative, and changes that precede planetary events, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis.

“It’s like listening in for the first time to the heart rhythms and brain waves of our planet…enabling us to collectively radiate the coherent energy of our hearts to the earth’s needs as revealed by its own dynamic geomagnetic fields…leading to more peace and effective living.  Earth is our responsibility.  Now is the time.”

Member benefits are outlined on the site.  Primarily, members are kept informed of upcoming times when they’ll be asked to participate in group coherence events.   Help shift the consciousness of the planet!

Masterworks Healing

with Jennifer McLean

I joined this site as soon as it came online because I have so enjoyed the Healing with the Masters teleseminar series with Jennifer.  Masterworks Healing does not disappoint:  it has regular contributors (usually scheduled for an hour a month), all of them intuitive healers who have their own practice in a particular area of expertise.  These experts take calls from members to help with their life challenges, and the calls are always instructive to everyone listening.

You can go the site to see a video of Jennifer pitching the membership benefits.  I have to warn you though that as I always enter the site through the membership url, I was not aware until now that the monthly fee for new members has increased dramatically since I joined.  I do think, however, that she offers discounted prices at times.  I believe this is a very high-value site, but I suggest you  think carefully about joining unless you plan to take full advantage of most everything it has to offer.  There are opportunities to get a lot of coaching here, but no guarantee you will get through if you call in. That being said, the calls always offer insights to anyone listening and replays can be downloaded to listen to at your leisure.

Jennifer offers much else on the site, including a group Body Dialogue session on Saturday, where members can call in to get help with emotional and soul issues that are appearing as physical symptoms in the body.  She has actually become quite renowned for this healing technique.  The site also has a weekly prayer circle that focuses group energy on prayer requests, and healing sound therapy a couple times a month.  By the way, Jennifer has a wonderful voice and channels “soul songs” for healing.  These songs—wordless and atonal—are hauntingly beautiful and I personally love hearing them.  The site has a marketplace feature for members who have a product or service to sell, and offers special events or workshops on occasion.  My favorite is Predictions Week, where she hosts a series of intuitives at the beginning of January to predict what the upcoming year will bring.

The THEO Group

with Sheila and Marcus Gillette

I’ve raved about THEO elsewhere on, so it’s no surprise that I find The THEO Group a fantastic membership site!  THEO is a group of 12 archangels channeled by Sheila Gillette for more than 30 years and the information they provide in answer to questions—whether metaphysical or personal—is clear and directly to the point.

Ask THEO Live is a free radio program that is moderated by Sheila’s husband, Marcus, who asks questions on a specific program topic and takes questions from callers.  But if you happen to miss the live show, you’re out of luck.  You can purchase individual broadcasts through the site’s store, but if you join the THEO Group for a very reasonable monthly fee, you’ll gain unlimited access to all the archived shows for download to your computer or iPod.  I highly recommend it, simply because I have personally benefited so much from downloading the programs onto my iPod and listening to them while I take my daily walks.  I believe there are about 100 programs in the archives, and they are so interesting and enlightening I can’t wait to get through them all.  Don’t take my word for it though—just listen to the free radio broadcast to see if THEO resonates with you before you commit to the membership site.  If you can’t catch a live show, there is a sample program you can listen to on the site on near-death experiences.

One of the benefits of membership is that you get priority in having your questions answered by THEO, whether sent in via email or called in over the phone. (This is no guarantee your question will be selected, however.)  Members can also interact with each other via a community forum.  Some services are discounted for members; there is usually a monthly special.  You can request readings through the THEO site, although I don’t think they are discounted for members unless it’s a monthly special.  I’ve never had one of these, but think having personal questions answered by THEO would cut years off anyone’s spiritual journey.  Save your pennies though; readings are pricey.

Other Sites to Consider

(I have no personal experience with these)

The Hendricks Institute Foundation for Conscious Living 

with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks

Gay and Kathlyn are pillars in the consciousness movement.  Their primary focus is on building abundant and thriving relationships—whether lovers, friends and family, or business.  If you are plugged into the spiritual teleseminar circuit, you’ve probably encountered them already.  I’ve listened to Gay speak several times and read two of his books —Five Wishes and The Big Leap—about conquering fears and building a better life.

Here’s the Institute’s mission statement:  “We are anInternationalLearningCenterthat teaches core skills for conscious living and conscious loving. Our work over the past three decades has been to assist people in opening to more creativity, love, and vitality through the power of conscious relationship and whole-person learning. We are passionately committed to creating a worldwide community of people with whom we can explore new heights of love, creativity, and well-being.”

Resources on the site are divided into three sections: Bodymind Vibrance, Relationships, and Creativity and Manifestation.  Offered are products, programs, training, and community forums.  The website is actually a membership site, offering three levels:  free, personal development, and professional (for coaches and therapists).  What you can access on the site depends on your membership level.

If you want to strengthen your relationships or take your life to the next level, this site is definitely worth checking out.  You can start with the free membership and see how you like it.