Intuitive Services

There are people on this planet who have been blessed with strong spirit-based intuitive—okay, psychic—gifts that can help the rest of us cut to the chase and get to the bottom of some of the issues and challenges facing us.  They are able to “tune in” to a source—a guardian angel, spirit guide, or person’s energy field, for example—and are given information to relate.  Sometimes the source speaks directly through a medium.   

No doubt there are a lot of quacks out there as well, so you have to be careful when walking this path. Trust your own internal guidance to discern whether the information is coming from a loving source and resonates with you as truth. Better yet, go with someone who has been recommended to you through word of mouth (like me) or through a resource you trust; i.e, listen to intuitives being interviewed by teleseminar or radio hosts or read books by intuitive authors who have reputable publishers, such as Hay House, and offer services through their websites. 

Intuitive counselors often conduct sessions over the phone or via email, so distance is usually not a problem.  They may ask for the name and birth date of anyone (including yourself) you are asking about. 

IMPORTANT:   If you ever sense that the guidance you are given is meant to control you or get you to do something against your will, run for the hills.  No divine source will ever try to interfere with your free will or assert control over you.

I’m going to start you off here by giving you the names and websites of four intuitive women with very different approaches who have helped me tremendously in different ways.  I can vouch for them with full confidence.  I will also add the names of others that I have not personally experienced but have heard speak or whose books I have read if I think they seem legitimate.

And another note:  The women below (except Mimi Quick) offer recordings of their sessions, but if you ever consult anyone by phone who doesn’t offer this service, I suggest you have on hand a small, inexpensive digital recorder that you can buy in an office supply store.  Put your phone in speaker mode and put the recorder next to it.  I do this when I’m conducting interviews, and it works wonderfully well.  You can download it onto your computer or just plug earphones into the recorder (which is smaller than an mp3 player) and listen to the session as often as you like.

Cynthia Sexton

I first met Cynthia more than 25 years ago.  A friend of mine, who was suffering from anxiety attacks, heard about Cynthia and went to see her after more conventional treatment failed. Cynthia quickly rooted out the cause of the problem and the attacks ceased. Well, being a creature of intense curiosity, I had to experience this intuitive gift for myself!  My only real problem at the time was my curiosity itch that needed to be scratched, but I was so nervous by the time I reached her office that I had to run for the bathroom!  I had never consulted anyone with these abilities before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  Would she “see” the real me?

I don’t mean to be too graphic here, but want to make the point that if you’re nervous about seeing someone with intuitive gifts, you are not alone.  But there isn’t anything to be worried about if you go to a legitimate person, because the advice comes from a loving, positive source.  And it WAS a fascinating visit! 

Here’s how Cynthia works.  She can do a reading that I call the “free-for-all,” in which she tells you where you are at this point in your life.  She sits quietly for a few minutes, and then starts talking.  What comes out never fails to be interesting, relevant, loving, and illuminating. She addresses physical, mental, and emotional issues.  She shines a new perspective for you so you can see your life from a different view, or points out things you may not be consciously aware of.  She always leaves time at the end to answer questions and make clarifications.  Then there is the “agenda” reading, in which you ask questions about a specific issue(s), and she draws on her intuitive abilities to answer them.  I find she responds to these questions both from intuition and experience, so if you want a strictly intuitive reading, go for the unstructured free-for-all session.  Both are valuable; it really depends on your specific needs.

If you want both, you can structure the session that way as well, or sometimes it will just evolve that way if something comes up in the reading that you want to discuss in depth.  Cynthia records everything and will provide either a CD or link to download the audio onto your computer.  This is a very valuable service. You’ll hear something new every time you listen to the recording.

Cynthia does readings in person, over the phone, and via Skype—whatever works best for you.  Go to her website for information on how sessions are structured, fees, and her appointment schedule. She also offers free podcasts and a blog. You can always call or email for more information before making an appointment.

Steph Rainspirite

I first came across Steph (professionally known as Rainspirite, a name given to her while she was studying in Mexico) several years ago through the Daily OM (, a site that offers free daily inspirational messages as well as a marketplace for spiritual products and services. 

Steph offers guardian angel readings.  I got some excellent advice through her via emailed questions, and tracked her down when she stopped offering services through Daily OM. 

Now you can go directly to her website and request guardian angel readings through your choice of medium:  questions via email, with a recorded answer emailed back; or phone readings, which are also recorded and emailed to you.  I’ve done both, but the phone sessions offer greater clarity with back and forth communication. For these, she emails instructions ahead of time and you can email your questions back; during the reading she communicates what the angels are telling her about the questions.

I will say that through working with her, I’ve gotten ideas, insights, and far more clarity about what I wanted to do through this website. I’ve also gotten wonderful support and a lot of loving guidance that I trust completely.  Sometimes things don’t make sense at the time, but if you go back and re-listen to your session months later, you may be amazed at what you hear.  I certainly was!  In fact, I was dumbfounded at some of the pieces of the puzzle that came together later, that I’d either forgotten about or hadn’t made sense to me at the time of the reading.  

Don’t expect a “you will do this” or “this will happen to you.”  Guidance is far more subtle than that.  This is, after all, your journey and nothing is set in stone.  But gentle insights along the way are extremely helpful as you make important life choices.

I borrowed from Steph’s website to give you an idea of where her information is coming from:

“Guardian Angel Readings connect to the deepest part of your heart’s desires and inner truths. Your Angels messages’ greet you with open arms as they offer you their total unconditional love, support and compassion .In their grace and gentleness they will easily break through any hidden barriers, blocks, and fears that hold you back from living a more joy-filled life. They are here to remind you that ‘you are never alone.’ They are here to remind you that you are being watched over, cherished, protected and guided with love and faith.  That this love and faith they have for YOU is also found within you. They remind you of this simple truth and show you how to recapture that love…how to embrace the faith in yourself and your path and finally how to ultimately fully experience a Joy Filled Life.”

Who could ask for more?  Check out her website; there is lots of good information on it.

Staci Wells

Staci Wells has a very unusual gift.  If you don’t believe in reincarnation, this will not be for you.  If you do, however, hang on to your hat. The concept she addresses is that we as souls are reincarnated many times.  In between incarnations, we choose what lessons we need to experience as physical beings for our souls to evolve, and we plan elements of our lives accordingly. It’s a real good thing we don’t remember any of this when we are born, because most of us would be kicking ourselves really hard for actually choosing to be miserable in some aspect of our lives! 

Working with her spirit guide, Staci is shown relevant portions of an individual’s pre-birth planning meeting with his or her spirit guide.

I first learned about Staci in a book entitled Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born.  Rather intriguing title, isn’t it?  Staci does pre-birth planning sessions, where she will actually tune in to the planning you did before you were born to explain why you are facing a specific challenge in this lifetime.  Her talents were called upon by the book’s author, Robert Schwartz, to discover why the subjects in the book were going through incredible physical and emotional hardships.  The case studies are fascinating.  He called upon the services of a couple of other psychics as well, but you’ll need to read the book for information about them.

During a pre-birth planning reading, Staci will address the challenge you’ve identified, and explain in detail the karmic lessons you are working through by having this challenge. She will also go over relevant past life experiences to shed more light on the issue.  She goes into deep meditation the day before the scheduled reading and takes copious notes of the information she is receiving.  It is profound and can be life changing. 

I know that for me, understanding the big picture—the WHY—is very important to my ability to cope and to make good decisions.  And Staci’s talents speak to that.  She helped me tremendously with an issue I had and I am very grateful for that.

Staci has umpteen skills and also offers other services, depending on your needs.  They include general readings where you can ask about anything you like, including past lives (cool!); medical intuitive readings if you have ailments; and energy work.  She does readings over the phone and sends you a link to the recording.  It’s all detailed out on her website.  She’s the real thing.  Go for it!

Mimi Quick

I learned of Mimi through Julia Stege, my logo and website designer, whose work I love and opinions I trust.  Julia and Mimi held a joint webinar meant to help empower women, and I was impressed enough with Mimi to take her up on her offer for a free awareness call for potential new clients, and impressed enough with that call to book a session.  And I was not disappointed! 

Mimi—who has credentials up the wazoo (check out her website)—asked for information on goals, challenges, and a personal biography ahead of the call to prepare for the session. I believe this exercise is to “force” her clients to start thinking through their issues and it probably saves a lot of time during the actual session. And with that information in hand, she gently led me through a series of questions aimed at uncovering the blocks (fears) I had that were preventing me from throwing myself wholeheartedly into the challenge I identified as my most important,  which has been (surprise, surprise) developing this website. 

It was a different style; coaching me to identify my fears and then verifying the degree to which they were a problem and providing information around them.  I already had clarity in what I wanted to provide with, but I’ve had issues in getting the work done and I really needed to understand why. ‘Cause that’s just who I am—I want to know!  The session was extremely helpful in giving me that information.  In fact, I am writing this right after my session—I’m not even procrastinating!  Success already! 

Mimi sent me an audio she developed based on our session to help me complete the clearing process.  She also provided me with an action plan, and scheduled a follow-up call to check on my progress.  So here’s the thing with Mimi.  She is called “the Prosperity Muse” because she has a knack for bringing abundance to her clients.  I’m up for that! 

Julia Stege, in the webinar, talked about the difference Mimi has made to her business.  But you don’t have to be in business to benefit from Mimi’s gift.  She helps address challenges or blocks, whether in business or your personal life.  It’s a four-step process:  creating awareness of the block, shifting perceptions, turning the shift into mindset, and then embodying that mindset.  Freedom, power, and love are the energies she holds and offers.  Here’s an excerpt from her website (which I suggest you check out because it’s got some great info and free goodies):

“…it is my passion to Empower, Educate, and Inspire women and men worldwide with the knowledge and energy it takes to immediately shift their mindset, have instant breakthroughs in mind-body-spirit that create lasting results, and live in their divine right of abundance and prosperity in all areas of their life….to assist you in getting your message, talents and gifts out in the world, living your life purpose, and trusting your intuitive guidance!”

Mimi offers individual sessions, group coaching, and other formats.  Check her out!

Other Possibilities

Following are other names you might want to check out.  I don’t have personal experience with them, but have either heard them interviewed or have read about them through a reputable source.

Some psychics are so renowned that they no longer do private readings (or it takes months to schedule one) but may have excellent programs or courses.  I’ll list them separately under the books or programs headings, as appropriate.

THEO, a group of 12 archangels channeled as a single entity by medium Sheila Gillette.  I’ve already waxed rhapsodic about THEO elsewhere on the site, so suffice it to say, this would be awesome.  Check out the Ask THEO Live radio site to hear THEO in action.  For a private reading, click on Store in the navigation bar.

Elizabeth Jones, an intuitive astrologer whom I’ve heard give readings on the Masterworks Healing membership site. Her readings have seemed to be very helpful to those calling in with an issue.  She also has her own membership site.