Let the Madness End

What has been happening to me?  I don’t know.  I’ve been feeling a sense of overwhelm in the past few months that has left me feeling somewhat unsettled—to the point, I’m afraid, of neglecting this website.

To those who may follow my blog, I apologize for my laxness.  To those who are following this whole spiritual thing—the assertions by many (including my favorite go-to source—THEO—the group of 12 archangels channeled by Sheila Gillette) that the energies around the planet have increased so much that many people have been discombobulated—feeling overwhelmed, out of control, or out of sorts may be very familiar to you.

Well, one thing we know for sure.  2012 has come and gone, and we’re still here!  No pole reversals, no splitting of Earth into two, no Rapture, no mass shift of consciousness.  No nothing, it seems.

But is that really true?  According to THEO, who has said this consistently, 2012 has been the apex of a steadily increasing influx of fifth dimensional energy that began more than a hundred years ago.  Consciousness is indeed rising to a new level, THEO says, and much of the global upheaval we’ve been witnessing is an uncomfortable but necessary part of it.  Old structures have to fall so new, better ones can take their place.  And all this energy around the planet is helping to shake things up.

That is a good thing.  Right?

Perhaps for humankind in general, but not so good for those directly affected.  The massacre in Newtown, for example, was tragic beyond belief.  When I heard about it, I couldn’t stop crying.

But what if we remove ourselves from the personal tragedy and consider a different perspective?

One in which these children, and their families, served a greater purpose to bring us all to a higher level of consciousness?  A purpose that would steer us all toward a better world by showing us how truly far down we have fallen and how critical it is that we raise ourselves up?

Dedicated to the angels of Newtown, by June Harding

If you believe in reincarnation, and that all of us are here to serve in some way; that we pre-plan the nature, if not the means, of what we intend to accomplish in our brief sojourn on Earth, consider this.  What if these children were old souls who sacrificed themselves to force the rest of us to change?

This would not mean that they were consciously aware of it, of course, and that the excruciating pain it caused isn’t real.  And though Newtown was the starkest example of this sacrifice because it involved the deliberate slaughter of young children, there have been so many others as well.  Columbine.  Virginia Tech.  Fort Hood.  Aurora Theater.  Sikh Temple.  And multiple shootings since then.  These are just some of the biggest, and this doesn’t even include anything outside the United States, like the massacre in Norway and just this week the shootings in Switzerland.  What if all of the victims made the choice, before they were born, to be part of something so terrible that we’d all have to sit up and take notice?  What if the perpetrators did the same?

I guess that’s why spiritual leaders always say never to judge our fellow humans:  that no one else knows the path we were born to take and the ultimate effect it will have.

How many times to we have to be faced with such horror before we take action as a society to stop it?  What Newtown finally did—probably because the reality of such young children being shot was so beyond the pale—was focus attention on the easy and legal proliferation of lethal weaponry in this country.  I’m not about to get into the politics of this issue because that’s not the purpose of this blog, and if I get started I won’t be able to shut up.

Suffice it to say, people have been dying in ugly ways in huge numbers around the world—in massacres, uprisings, wars, repression, starvation, domestic violence, gang rape, crime, and on and on—because social, political, and economic structures are just plain nuts.  And, I believe, there are and have been many souls on this planet who have stepped up to expose this.

Of course, much of this is nothing new.  But with the Internet and all the communication technologies that now shine a light into all reaches of the globe, we are finally aware.  And once aware and conscious, maybe we can and will finally do something about it. It is our responsibility to do so.

I believe 2012 marked the beginning of the end of an old way of being. Perhaps that was the significance of the end of the Mayan calendar, the galactic alignment, and all that other physical “evidence.”  Maybe things will get worse before they get better.  But I believe they ARE going to get better; gently, slowly, but surely.  If we all pay attention and we all play our parts. It is time.





  1. Enjoyed and totally believe in what you had to share.

    It truly is a time of change. All the energies of ugliness, suffering, and pain is being put right in our faces to examine, lest we not take notice. And in taking notice, we now have a responsibility.

    It does call us to question, what part in all of this do we play, for non of us are guiltless. Thoughts are energy. How we think is indeed affecting the planet. So much “stuff” around seems to engender fear, and we choose to buy into it, therefore repeating our patterns of situations to fear. “And round and round she goes.”

    Great blog, Jeanne! Ya got me blabbing…there is so much going on now….although it does not always seem so. These are indeed exciting times.

    The energies of change are on full heat mode under our very own cooking pot of life. The small ugly scum that is forming on the top of our beautiful individual pot of soup is here for us to examine and then make the decision to keep it or skim it off. It IS the dawn of a new golden age….we just can’t see that well yet, but, it is here.

    And that my friend, is my take on it, if ya wanted it or not. : )

    • Thanks for your comments, Edee. I’m glad you believe it’s the dawn of a new age (in fact it IS the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!) and that we will get through these current ugly times if we examine our own lives and take personal responsibility.

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