Kindred Woman

In this section you’ll find feature articles based on interviews of women like you and me who are on a spiritual journey. 

What challenges have they faced and how did they meet them?  What have they experienced and learned along the way? 

It’s good to be reminded sometimes that we are not alone; others walk this path to find their truth.

If you would like to share your journey, please contact me at and provide a little background information.  If we agree an interview is appropriate, we can do it over the phone.


 Julia Stege:  Changing the World through Authentic Self Expression

Julia Stege is a creative spiritual entrepreneur who has always wanted to change the world.

She drew her first logo—a self portrait with two arms sticking out of her head—at the age of two, as soon as she could hold a crayon.  Since then, her every drawing has been an attempt to recreate the magic and beauty of nature.    Read More


 The Awakening of Edee Lyons

Edee at Age Four

Edee Lyons remembers as clearly as if it were yesterday the morning she woke up to the crushing realization that Jesus hadn’t slept next to her, even though she had asked him to.  She had clung to the far side of the bed to make room and had left her pillow for him, but saw there was no indentation where his head would have lain. She was about six years old at the time, and that was more than 60 years ago. Read More