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This post introduces my Inward Journey blog. The blog posts that follow shall contain personal insights and random musings as I venture forth into this new (to me) world of metaphysics (the study of being and existence) and spirituality.

My own journey began several years ago when my curiosity sparked a desire to learn more about the mysteries of the universe. And so I started reading; listening to teleseminars, programs, and online courses; and consulting with intuitive counselors (okay, some would call them psychics, but I don’t like the woo woo connotations of that word) to help speed me along the way on my search for . . . well . . . something different.

I’ve discovered a few things along the way that ring true to me:

  • There are a LOT of metaphysical experts and resources out there—many of them free.
  • There seems to be general consensus among these experts that the consciousness of the planet is rapidly increasing.
  • Many believe December 21, 2012—the end of the Mayan calendar–will usher in a new world of higher consciousness. Others believe Earth and all of us along with it will be destroyed.
  • The Dali Lama said the world will be saved by the Western woman.
  • There are many paths to spiritual awakening (meaning “finding our inner being” and not necessarily religious).
  • No one religion is a right or a wrong path; the major religions carry similar threads that ultimately lead to truth.
  • Souls evolve through many incarnations, and at their own pace, toward enlightenment.
  • We all have a unique gift to offer the world, and a life purpose. Many of us have no idea what these are, and this is what we seek to find out.
  • Everything is a form of energy, including our thoughts.
  • Blockages of emotional energy in our bodies cause disease; there are many kinds of energy medicine that fall outside the realm of traditional Western medicine.

I’m no expert and I’m no guru. I’m someone who has been seeking to find her own truth.  It is not my intention to sway you toward my way of thinking, but rather to point you toward interesting resources so you can explore what ideas might be true for you. 

We were not created, on this incredible planet of diversity, to be the same!  So let our journey of exploration begin!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your interview with Edee! Fascinating to read and inspiring. I have looked over your website and it looks like it will be very interesting and exciting and I will now bookmark it so I can keep checking in!

  2. I think this site is AWESOME and I look forward to reading and sharing my journey along side of you. There is so much to learn and experience when one meets One ‘s Self.

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