Is Your Spirit Hungry for Soul Food?

woman reachingWhen I first opened up this website and blog, I had great expectations that I would spend most of my time on it, providing resources, a place to share creative endeavors, stories about the spiritual journeys of other women, and the continuing saga of my own journey and insights.  All would be based on the cool stuff I was learning.

I went great guns for a while and then kaboom!  It’s like I’d slammed into a wall but wasn’t aware I’d even veered off the path.  What happened?

I’m sure there are a lot of factors involved as I’ve had plenty of subconscious and semi-conscious limiting beliefs to wrestle with.  I’ve been doing some serious inner work and have a long way to go.  Dry spells will probably continue to plague me.

But the main thing, I realized, was that my spiritual tank had run dry. I was in serious need of some nourishing soul food.  It took a minor illness and extended bout of laryngitis (what, no voice?  How apropos is that!) to clue me in.  Because I had to postpone a couple of interviews for articles and didn’t feel well enough to do much of anything anyway, I had some free time.  There was nothing wrong with my ears so I started listening to the Hay House World Summit, which featured dozens of fascinating interviews with experts in a variety metaphysical, self empowerment, and holistic health fields.  I’ve never crammed in so many interviews over such a short period of time!

Woo hoo!  I’d hit the jackpot!  I was soaking up inspiration, insights, education, motivation, and ah ha moments—something I’d been missing for a while.  I used to listen to interviews nearly daily while taking long walks.  But when those walks were suspended because of injuries to my foot and leg, I stopped listening, too.  I wasn’t reading much either. This went on for months.  I didn’t recognize at the time that I had been leaking out some of the passion I’d had for this work by simple lack of exposure to the wonderful resources that are available to us all.

So, the point of sharing all this is to emphasize how important it is to keep up a daily practice, no matter what it is for you, to both nourish yourself and keep your spiritual tank full.  Life throws us a lot of challenges, but when we’re strong on the inside, we can deal with the outside.  Call it inner peace, inner wisdom, inner guidance—whatever.

For me, I need to listen to and read a variety of resources so I can share ideas from them on this site, or at least tell you what’s worth checking out for yourself. I also spend time each morning writing down my thoughts in a journal and doing a little meditation.  I’m very fortunate that I have the time to do that as I no longer have to commute more than an hour each morning to work.  For you, it could be anything that makes you feel good–even a brief walk in nature and feeling peace all around you.

What feeds your spirit?  Make room for it in your life and fill up your tank!

P.S.  Here’s a tip I learned from a Hay House interview with Baron Baptiste, an author and yoga guru to Hollywood hot shots.  His advice?  “Be a YES!”

In this context, “yes” is an energetic place within yourself, he said.  When you come from this energy, it impacts how you see yourself, your life, your thoughts, your feelings.  It shapes action in the present moment.  You open up to possibility.  The answer to “how” is always “yes.”

“No” energetically is to be resigned or resistant.  “Yes” makes you open to grace, to higher guidance, to possibility.  So “yes” is a place to stand in oneself and to be open in the present moment to whatever is coming at you.  Life will never throw anything at you that you can’t handle.  You can turn any breakdown into a breakthrough.  To be in power is to be from a “yes.”

Yes, yes, YES!!!





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