Introduction to Creations

I am one of a small group of women who are studying and working through a wonderful trilogy of books by Julia Cameron, beginning with The Artist’s Way. They are spiritually based books about releasing any blocks you may have and unlocking the creativity inside you.  That creativity can be in traditional arts, crafts, and literary works, or simply in how you approach your daily job. The book recently hit its 25th anniversary and is still going strong, read and practiced by millions who want to let their creativity fly.

Each chapter focuses on a theme and includes exercises and tasks to help you uncover limiting beliefs and move forward.

You can do it alone, but it is especially effective to work within a group and share your insights. Take a week or a month to do each chapter, depending on the time you have available. The group I’m in has become very close and trusting because of our work together; it’s a great way to establish “community” with like-minded women.  We have finished the first book of 12 lessons, and are working through the next:  Walking in This World and will continue with Finding Water. We all love the journey!

The foundation of the program is to write “morning pages” as soon as you leap (ha ha!) out of bed.

These are three handwritten pages (or one-and-a-half pages front and back) of whatever comes into your head—whether it’s a to-do list for the day, a venting session to divest yourself of rage, a recap of something that’s happened, or whatever.  The idea of stream-of-consciousness writing is to clear out mind debris so creativity can sneak in and surprise you with an insight or revelation.  These pages are to be seen by no one but you, so keep them secure.  You are not to go back to read what you’ve written for at least three weeks.  The morning pages are amazingly effective and even addictive.  I do them religiously.

The other mainstay of the program is “the artist’s date,” where you go by yourself to see something new to you, whether it’s a museum, a consignment store, or a park.  The idea here is to fill your mind with new ideas, and to honor yourself enough to play.  Just you, because you’re worth it.

With the idea that creativity is an important part of our spiritual being-ness, I’ve included this section where we can display our creations—artwork, photos, poetry, quilting, short stories, essays, whatever—with a sentence or two of explanation of what it is or how it came about.  Please keep in mind that anything posted here is subject to unauthorized use by others—I have no control over that and cannot be held responsible.  This section is a bit of an experiment. We’ll see how it works out.