I’m a New Woman! Thriving and Transforming with THEO

marcus-sheila-gillette2I have been on an amazing spiritual journey—one that helped us participants dive deeply into our own souls to discover and heal those splintered subconscious parts of ourselves that have kept us from knowing who we are on a soul level and what we came into this life to express.

For the past 12 weeks I have been engaged in the most transformational course I could ever have imagined.  Called “Thrive in the Time of Awakening,” it is offered by the THEO Group, and facilitated via interactive webcast by Sheila and Marcus Gillette and Sheila’s daughter Cathy Northcutt.  Sheila is the spiritual trans-medium for THEO, a group of 12 archangels who have been speaking through her as one voice for more than 40 years.  If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ve heard mention of THEO time and again because the wisdom that comes through them is profound and relevant to our lives today.

And just a word to you skeptics out there who may be rolling your eyes at the very idea of archangels speaking through a human:  just listen to a radio program on www.asktheo.com or download the free resources offered on their website.  If you keep an open heart and mind, you’ll know this is for real.  For those of you who are convinced that this lifetime and this physical experience is all there is, don’t bother to read any further.

Anyway, back to the course and what I and others gained from it.

Each week a different topic was explored, from health, relationships, and money, to meditation, engaging with your angels, and more.  You can get information on what’s covered from the THEO website.  The core of the program is Soul Integration©, where you learn to identify what THEO calls the “orphans,” those separated parts of self that were hurt by something that happened—often during childhood, when we lacked the experience to understand the actions of others—that have affected our lives, behavior, and feelings of self worth.

I’ll give you a personal example.  I have had weight issues most of my adult life even though my family members aren’t heavy.  I gain, I lose, I gain, blah blah blah, and am an emotional eater.  I had an opportunity to speak to THEO about this and was told that when I was a small child—beginning when pre-verbal, in fact—I was given food when I was upset because my mother or other family members thought I was hungry.  I had no memory of this.  But when I meditated about it, I saw myself in a crib, crying, and my mother was vacuuming and couldn’t hear me.  When she finally heard me and picked me up, she assumed I was hungry and fed me.  I guess that’s when I first began to associate food with comfort.  I was never a heavy child, probably because I was pretty active, but when I went off on my own and began to experience the major upheavals life throws at us, I already believed on a subconscious level that I should use food for comfort and safety.

There have been many other and more profound associations contributing to my destructive eating patterns since then, but you get the idea.  Even very simple and seemingly inconsequential experiences can ultimately affect how we behave and learn to feel about ourselves on a subconscious level.  Once we are aware of the “why” however, we can begin to take action to change.

Unfortunately, it also makes us wonder what in the world we’ve done to our own children—even in acts of love—that may have messed them up for life!

Some of our orphans are carried over from previous lifetimes.  In an effort to understand why I was procrastinating about writing for this website, I did a meditation that revealed that as a scribe for a powerful man in the 13th century, I had been thrown into prison for secretly writing heretical beliefs.  This site and my blogs aren’t exactly mainstream and have engendered fear in me that I’ll be cast out of society (okay, I admit that’s a bit of an exaggeration!), so maybe being persecuted in a past life might explain my current hang-ups.  To be able to become aware of our past experiences and gain understanding of how they affect us today on a soul level is immensely powerful.

It can also be very painful to do these soul excavations.  Others in the class have had profound and terrible experiences in current and past lives that have deeply wounded them on a subconscious soul level, but because they have been able to uncover and integrate these experiences into their present reality, they have begun to heal themselves and their relationships.  It is beautiful to see.

One of the life-transforming aspects of the course has been the connection with others of like mind both live during the class and on a special social network created for participants.  Many of us live among family and friends who don’t see life (and beyond) the way we do.  Although that’s okay, it can make us feel a little disconnected and sometimes even a little crazy.  Through Thrive, I’ve met wonderful kindred spirits who, THEO revealed, are all members of the same soul family.  That is priceless.  I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss this course when it ends tonight.  But I know my soul family will always be a part of my life now.

Perhaps I’ve gone into too much detail here, but the crux of the program is to help us discover who we really are and what makes our hearts sing—and to have the support of others as we go through the process.  Living an authentic life is true empowerment.

To live an empowered life means making choices that are aligned soulfully with who we are and what we are here to do.  Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.  Not being attached to the good opinion of others or giving our power away by doing something only for acceptance, not desire.  Knowing that we are worthy and accepting ourselves as we are.

I discovered something about myself through this course, just last week.  I was so sure my soul’s mission was to write and share resources through this website that I was closed to other possibilities.  But when I approached THEO with questions about why I was having so much trouble lately keeping up with this site, I was gently guided to the realization that what makes my heart truly sing is art.  I love to paint people.  I’d love to learn how to sculpt people in clay.  And although this website is an important part of my soul’s expression and something I want to continue in some form, it isn’t all I’m meant to do.

When I finally understood this, I felt such lightness and well-being inside that I knew that this is my truth.  THEO has said that the gift you give to the world is you as you really are.

And guess what?  This new dream has already begun to be manifested.  One of my soul sisters has asked me to paint a portrait of her sister!  I’m being launched!

So here I am world!  What makes your heart sing?


Note:  I’m not trying to advertise for the THEO Group here, but as Inward Woman is devoted primarily to sharing resources, I want to let you know that a new Thrive group is starting on October 1.  If you feel called to this, make the investment in yourself.  You are worth it!


  1. Jeanne you couldn’t have said it any better. You have a great gift of words also. As Drew said to somone, maybe you, a natural wordsmith. That’s a wonderful part of you also. Looking forward to more of your artwork and words!!

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