Getting the Message

I recently read that God, the Universe, Source, our higher self—whatever term you’re comfortable with—talks to us all the time.  But, I suppose if we expect God to talk in a deep baritone voice from a burning bush, we won’t “hear” the message.

God may communicate through synchronicities—those strange coincidences that happen that may provide guidance, a message from a long-lost friend, a spark of an idea, or simply a feeling of amazement that we are being watched over all the time.   Or maybe communication may come in the form of a book passage, or song on the radio, or unexpected phone call—giving us a burst of insight that may help us make a difficult decision.

The point is, we need to pay attention and be open to different forms of communication so we can recognize God “speaking.”

I think one reason we don’t recognize when God is speaking through us or through others is because the language we hear is our own language–our own words, our own way of communicating.  Therefore, it sounds like it’s coming from our own heads and not through us.

But perhaps God speaks only in ways we ourselves can relate to–using our own words to help us understand the message.

I read several things on a regular basis that speak to this.  These are words that come through others—channeled, if you will, but are inspired by or directly heard from a higher power.

Consider the Daily OM, for example.  The messages there appear each day on this website’s right-hand sidebar under Daily Inspiration, courtesy of its writer.  Or Heaven Letters, channeled each day through a process called “God writing.”  Very, very different styles–no doubt in the manner of the people they are coming through.  And then you have the very well known Neal Donald Walsch, with his Conversations with God and subsequent books—also very different in style and content than the others.

But if you really, really look beyond the individual styles and to the message, you’ll find that the underlying messages are the same.  Maybe the topics are different and the styles are different— some jaunty and somewhat tongue in cheek, some almost like a meditative prayer, and some deeply thoughtful and probing.

We all take in information in different ways.  Some things resonate deeply within us, some irritate us, and some just bounce off our skins, never to be thought of again.

So perhaps it is important to read all manner of things until we find that which sinks in and becomes part of our DNA.  And just stick with that.  But don’t discount what others find meaningful, because they are simply doing the same thing you are:  responding to whatever strikes a chord within.

We’re all different, yet ultimately the messages to us—however delivered–are the same.  Isn’t that great?


  1. Hi
    This is so refreshing. I am on a journey, but not to pay for things and stuff that all the people are putting out there. I am from South Africa and our Rand to the Dollar is really expensive. So I cannot even begin to consider to pay for something that might help me Spiritually. All I’m looking for is good reading Spiritual matter that can help me on my Journey, to understand, grow and learn. I need to know what is real and valid or just to make money out of people. Everything has a price tag in life.

    I am so avid for brain food

    I cannot wait for more interesting Spiritual Spirit Brain Food to absorb.

    Always with Love


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