Using the Forum

Here are some directions for using the forum for the first time.

1)  Click on the register link and sign up with a user name and email address.

2)  You’ll be sent an email with a long, convoluted password.  Click on the link provided; it will take you to a login form.

3)  Enter your user name and password; you’ll be taken to a profile page, where you can change your password to something easy to remember.  You don’t have to fill out the profile; it’s optional.  People will be able to see whatever you choose to put into it.

4)  Close the profile page.  Depending on your browser, you may be able to click back into If not, just retype it into your browser to re-enter the site.

To Make Comments:

The Forum is divided into categories.  You can add any topic you like under any of the categories, or respond to one already there.

1)  Click on the category link you are interested in.  If there is a topic listed that you want to respond to, click on the topic link and comment under Quick Reply.

2)  If you want to start a new topic within the category, click the New Topic link (where it says Forum Home, My Profile, and New Topic).  A comment box will open up; put in your topic heading in the subject line and then your comment below.