Fast-tracking through THEO

I have discovered an absolutely wonderful resource that cuts to the chase and gives you the scoop straight from on high.  If you haven’t heard of THEO but are serious about your spiritual growth, this is one you should pay special attention to.

I would say this is probably the #1 metaphysical resource I’ve found that will rocket you to the top of the class in schoolhouse Earth.  THEO is a group of 12 archangels speaking as one through a medium—Sheila Gillette–who has been channeling them since the 1970’s following a near-death experience.

Sheila channels THEO on the Ask THEO Live radio show ( based on a specific topic.  Don’t let the weird robotic voice throw you!

Take, for example, the program on The Soul’s Blueprint, which I listened to recently.  THEO says that we co-create our soul’s blueprint, or destiny, before we are born, similar to signing up for college courses on subjects we want to master.  Everything is orchestrated: nothing in our lives happens randomly, but opportunities for growth are continually presented.

If you want an idea of what your soul’s blueprint is, look at the structure of your life:  your parents, your spouse, your children, your location, your job, the people you meet, your big issues, and experiences you are drawn to. They’re all part of the plan.

You may think there is no way you would have ever chosen a particular experience, and thus  may negate your responsibility and give your power away.  But you have co-created those circumstances, so embrace the experience as an opportunity for growth and take responsibility for it.

Fate is part of destiny:  if it weren’t part of our soul’s path, it wouldn’t occur.  Karma is an opportunity for growth, not necessarily good or bad.  If one embraces a karmic opportunity and moves through it and recognizes where resistance is, then that brings freedom, THEO says.

Think of it as a challenge.  The soul will always learn what it is supposed to learn.  Sometimes our important relationships are not meant to be permanent, but are only to remain intact until a lesson is learned.  THEO says we all have an intuitive knowingness of whether a soul connection is complete.  Journaling can help us discover answers within ourselves.  These are my words, but form the main gist of what THEO said.

I transcribed the wrap-up, and hope I’m not violating any copyright laws in relating it:

“Know that each of you has chosen to be on the planet at this time of high energy and transformation of consciousness, and enjoy the ride, so to speak, for it is very quickened, in high energetics, and you will know in 2012, when the energy has aligned perfectly, why you have chosen to be here.  And this explosion of consciousness as it were is grand.  The changing of beliefs that no longer serve is grand.  Trust that within the self and be fully present in your moment-to-moment experience of life and not caught up in what is the future but be present in the now.  God’s love unto you.”

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