Creativity: Your Soul’s Essence

I love to paint people.  I don’t mean face painting, although that in itself is an interesting form of creativity!  I paint pictures of people, using photographs.  The one shown here is of a flower seller in Brittany, painted from a black and white photo I took a zillion years ago.  I’ve painted pictures of family members, some good, some not so good, but all of which gave me great pleasure (when I wasn’t frustrated at my lack of skill!)  to create.  It’s a continual process of inspiration, learning, practicing, expressing, and evolving.  It’s fun and it’s fulfilling.  And it reflects, I believe, something blossoming inside me that wants to express outward.

In my dictionary creativity is defined as “characterized as originality and expressiveness.”

According to THEO, the group of 12 archangels collectively channeled by Sheila Gillette, “Creativity is the essence of every soul.  You are divine creation … it is a continuum within your soul of the learning that the soul desires to have and there’s that spark of essence that brings it forth through intention and thought form.”

Every single one of us is creative.  Indeed, we create our lives through our beliefs and thoughts.  But that’s a big topic, best reserved for another day.

Creativity, I believe, is how we express what’s inside of us.  I’m not particularly original—I copy, rather than imagine, my paintings—but I do consider myself expressive, whether through my art, my words, or my actions.  If we don’t express, we repress.  That might provide great fodder for psychiatrists, but doesn’t do much to help raise the consciousness of ourselves and the world.

My mother created beautiful arrangements with silk flowers.  She was also a passionate gardener; her gardens were always overflowing with lush azaleas and blooming annuals.  I inherited neither talent, although I enjoyed the fruits of hers.

But for me my mother’s most lasting creation was a warm and happy home—one in which I, my sisters, and our friends always felt loved, safe, and welcomed.  Her beautiful inner spirit was expressed daily through her love and creativity within the home.  I really miss her.

I think when we bottle up our creativity inside and don’t express it in whatever form it wants to take, all we “create” is unhappiness….and this can have a negative ripple effect outwards.  But when we acknowledge inspiration and express ourselves in our authentic way, however small we may consider it to be, that ripples outward in a way that makes our little part of the world a better and more conscious place.  It is coming from the soul.

We can’t always pick up a paintbrush, write a poem, dance across a stage, decorate our home, play an instrument, knit a sweater, plant a garden, cook a fantastic dinner … whatever form our creativity is itching to take … because it’s more important in the moment to pick up the kids from school, or write our employer’s annual report, or visit our grandmother in the nursing home, or do our homework.  We have responsibilities, after all, and there is a time and place for everything.

But what’s to stop us from taking on those responsibilities with a creative mindset? Our souls have an inner guidance system that knows how best to navigate through life.  Maybe that big creative project we are inspired to do needs to wait until the time is right, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply “originality and expressiveness” to our daily lives.

I’d like to acknowledge and thank the creative souls who have contributed to the Creations section of this website, as well as the Magical Marketer who created its design.  I invite anyone visiting this site to publish your creation here as well, no matter what form your creativity takes!  If your creativity involves music or dancing, for example, send in a picture or link to YouTube of yourself in action along with some words describing your inspiration.  Please share!

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