Another Poem by Anne Tansey–Submitted by Carol Kelly

This is another poem from the collection of 76 intended for publication, titled Flames of the Living Word: Psalms for Today.  A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, the late Anne M. Tansey was an invalid for much of her earlier life who supported herself writing primarily for the religious press. In precomputer days, she used a typewriter rigged by one of her brothers so that she could write while lying in bed.”


The silence of God is like snow

on the mountain of your soul.

Wait patiently until the Lord speaks.

He knows the length of your days and nights,

With the white snow falling everywhere,

Wiping out all directions,

Burying everything that was familiar

into oblivion.

You are lost in a new time, a new season.

You do not know what lies ahead,

Where the old roads went,

nor where the new ones begin.

Let the snow, like a blanket,

cover the wounds of the year—

The hurt, the guilt, the betrayals.

Your spirit needs this time of winter,

The gentleness of snow upon your wounds.

Do not worry about today or tomorrow;

Let the snow fall.

The silence of God is your salvation.

©1980 Flames of the Living Word: Psalms for Today