What is a Spiritual Practice?

Something that comes up time and again on this website is spirituality.  This is a word that has made me nervous in the past because I’ve associated it with religion. Although any organized religion for any culture can be a wonderful support and pathway to God, it can also be rife with intolerance, sometimes nutty…[Read More]

Consciousness–What Does It Mean?

What does it really mean to become more conscious?  What is this “spiritual awakening” all about?  Does it mean we have to spend our days in meditation, learn yoga, not step on spiders, study continuously the Bible or Torah or Koran or whatever religion we were brought up with, or go to religious services, or…[Read More]

Join Me on the Journey!

This post introduces my Inward Journey blog. The blog posts that follow shall contain personal insights and random musings as I venture forth into this new (to me) world of metaphysics (the study of being and existence) and spirituality. My own journey began several years ago when my curiosity sparked a desire to learn more…[Read More]