I’m a New Woman! Thriving and Transforming with THEO

I have been on an amazing spiritual journey—one that helped us participants dive deeply into our own souls to discover and heal those splintered subconscious parts of ourselves that have kept us from knowing who we are on a soul level and what we came into this life to express. For the past 12 weeks…[Read More]

Who’s Talking in My Head?

I re-listened  to a THEO radio broadcast not long ago about “The Ego” (first aired 5/31/11).  For those of you who haven’t “met” THEO, THEO is a group of 12 archangels who have spoken as one voice through medium Sheila Gillette for 44 years to help us navigate through this time of great change. The broadcast…[Read More]

Is Your Spirit Hungry for Soul Food?

When I first opened up this website and blog, I had great expectations that I would spend most of my time on it, providing resources, a place to share creative endeavors, stories about the spiritual journeys of other women, and the continuing saga of my own journey and insights.  All would be based on the…[Read More]

Creativity: Your Soul’s Essence

I love to paint people.  I don’t mean face painting, although that in itself is an interesting form of creativity!  I paint pictures of people, using photographs.  The one shown here is of a flower seller in Brittany, painted from a black and white photo I took a zillion years ago.  I’ve painted pictures of…[Read More]

A Lesson from My NY Buddies

Several years ago, just before I moved to Williamsburg, an intuitive counselor told me that I had strong energy coming towards me from New York.  She didn’t know whether it was related to someone I would meet for a business or personal relationship, but predicted this person would have importance in my life. Since my…[Read More]