A Note from Jeanne Arellan, Founder of InwardWoman.com

My goal for InwardWoman.com:  That you may discover an expert, program, book, or other resource through this site that will open a window to a world of new possibilities for you, and help you find answers to your most pressing questions. And in return, I ask that you share your most helpful resources with our community so that we may continue to expand our ability to help more women like you.

A Bit About Me

You’d think I’d know by now “who I really am,” but it just isn’t that simple.  First of all, I’m a wife, the mother of two very handsome and charming (of course!) adult sons, the mother-in-law of a beautiful and charming daughter, and the very proud grandmother of the most wondrous baby boy in the entire universe!

I enjoy long walks with headphones glued to my ears, an iPod in my pocket crammed full of audio programs; love to paint pictures, especially of people; and am an ardent member of several neighborhood social groups.  What else?

I am also a freelance writer, with a former career as a public affairs officer for a federal science agency, and currently write for a national association magazine. But all this doesn’t define who I am; it merely describes me.

What is My Purpose?

What drives me–what makes me do the things I do, love the things I love, think the things I think remains a mystery. So I’ve been loading up my brain and supercharging my subconscious in my search for self discovery, both the light and the dark sides, at this new stage of my life. I have felt pushed, prodded, led from within—whatever you want to call it—for some time now to do something meaningful as the inner me becomes more conscious. From this personal interest arose the idea for this website.

I’m also on a quest to discover my creativity and to see what other women are doing with theirs. I believe spirituality opens up creative pathways to help us discover who we really are.  Integrated within this site is some creative space so we can share what we are doing, no matter what form our creativity takes.

My Promise to You:  I will only recommend resources that I believe have merit, and will be upfront as to whether I’ve actually used them or just think they are worth exploring.  Not all may be right for me, but could be useful for you, and vice versa. I may be recommending programs as an affiliate, but this will have no bearing on whether or not I suggest something.

Many resources will be added over the coming weeks.  We will learn and grow together.

Jeanne Arellan

P.S.  On this site I go by my first and middle names, as those are parts of me that have never changed.  Also, my views are my own, and do not necessarily represent the views of my family.

P.S.S.  My freelance writing shingle is still up, so if you have an interesting project you’d like help with, please contact me at Jeanne@inwardwoman.com.