LVII: A Poem by Anne M. Tansey

Submitted by Carol Kelly

“This poem by my late friend Anne Tansey is from a collection of 76 intended for publication, titled Flames of the Living Word: Psalms for Today.  A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Miss Tansey was an invalid for much of her earlier life who supported herself writing primarily for the religious press. In pre-computer days, she used a typewriter rigged by one of her brothers so that she could write while lying in bed.”


There is a new song of love in every morning

that breaks the dawn.

No day is like another, no hour the same.

The melody of one is not for the other.

Events are always changing—something dying,

something new coming to birth.

The thoughts you have now will never return.

No leaf on any tree can be born again.

No flower in any garden blooms twice.

No human mind remains static

for even a moment;

Thoughts are crowded out,

falling like leaves of autumn

To make way for words of a new season.

The voice of the Lord is ever new in its calling.

Not even the song of a bird in any forest

can again reach the same timbre of tone.

There are moments when grief is a symphony

too deep for words;

Others, when happiness is too lyrical

for any heart to hold.

Listen each morning for the song of your God

to set the tempo for your day.

Catch the melody on your tongue

and sing with joy.

Treasure each moment,

love it, live it, fulfill it,

make it part of you,

Rich in its living and loving,

For it will never come again.

From Flames of the Living Word: Psalms for Today

© 1980 by Anne M. Tansey