Archives for October 2012

Death Is Safe

Death is safe.  That’s a point made by Dr. David Hawkins in his program The Highest Level of Enlightenment, and it has stuck in my mind, probably because it’s comforting to believe it. Of course, in saying that, he was referring to our souls—that they never die, but keep evolving higher toward illumination. Well, Dr. Hawkins, who…[Read More]

Good Vibrations

For those of you who remember the Beach Boy’s song, Good Vibrations (yes, I’m dating myself!), having good vibrations was all about feeling excitement; feeling good, good, good. It seems that good vibrations are also what we all need to get to the next level of consciousness, no matter where we are now. Technically, that…[Read More]

Getting the Message

I recently read that God, the Universe, Source, our higher self—whatever term you’re comfortable with—talks to us all the time.  But, I suppose if we expect God to talk in a deep baritone voice from a burning bush, we won’t “hear” the message. God may communicate through synchronicities—those strange coincidences that happen that may provide…[Read More]