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My “Shambunctious” Dream

Not too long ago I had the most bizarre dream—a dream that was a metaphor for all my insecurities about producing this website.  In my dream a former work colleague of mine, Larry, had been named the Pope.  Now if you knew the irreverent, curmudgeonly, happily married Larry, you’d know what a stretch that is! …[Read More]

The Nature of Responsibility

Where does my responsibility end and another’s begin? The spiritual masters I’ve read or listened to have said that we are one hundred percent responsible for our own lives. Does that mean a parent is no longer responsible to help her child, once he or she is grown up?  Or a sister to help her…[Read More]

Difficult Relationships—Our Greatest Teachers

I just listened to an audio by Panache Desai, whom I first heard on the teleseminar series Healing with the Masters.  I thought it was so relevant and needed by many of us that I immediately sat down to write this blog. His message was this:  that we are so loved by the universe, our…[Read More]